Law Society Accreditation

CMC Lawyers are accredited specialists of the Law Society of New South Wales Specialist Accreditation Scheme. This accreditation offers the public and practitioners of law a service benchmark for reputable, reliable and high quality service bound to the high standards of the NSW Law Society.

Who are the Law Society of New South Wales?

The Law Society is the representative legal body for NSW solicitors. They provide solicitors and Australians with a governing body which promotes the fair practise of law in New South Wales.

What does the Specialist Accreditation mean?

The Specialist Accreditation provides peace of mind and authority to the public by offering:

  • Identifies CMC Lawyers among the law profession and public as reputable practitioners of compensation law.
  • Accredited specialists of the NSW Law Society have passed stringent tests in compensation law, including five years of active experience practising law. This provides the public with a benchmark for finding reliable solicitors for a particular area of law.
  • Continuous training and skills development for accredited specialists ensure that CMC Lawyers stay on the forefront of compensation law.

How does the Accreditation affect our service?

Our specialist training gives our clients a competitive advantage in representing their best interests by demonstrating the following:


  • Meticulous, efficient case research and representation.
  • Convey a realistic overview of a case to the client and manage expectations accordingly.
  • Identify and use of appropriate tactics for successful claim resolution.
  • Identify and present relevant legal precedence.
  • Identify and assess compensation entitlements and settlements for clients.

CMC Lawyers are accredited specialists who can help you with your compensation claim

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We have helped Australians have a fair go and claim the compensation they deserve for over twenty years.

We offer a high success rate operating under both strict personal ethical standards and professional regulatory standards proven by our Specialist Accreditation.

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