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Our Compensation Lawyer Services

Workplace injuries are common cases for workers compensation and ComCare claims

Work Claims

If you have been involved in a workplace related incident, you may be eligible to make a claim.

Distressed Woman Suffering from Negligence

Negligence Claims

Negligence claims have recently changed due to government intervention. We may be able to help your negligence claim.

Slip and fall incidents are common public liability cases


If you have been impacted by someone's negligence, you may be eligible for a public liability or compensation claim.

Car accidents are common causes for motor vehicle claims

Motor Claims

Are you looking for a motor vehicle incident lawyer? CMC Lawyers are Australia's car claim experts.

Julian Facer

They found an angle that was completely different to what I had previously been told. They obtained a fantastic result and my life is now back on track.

Sean Brown
CMC Lawyers Client

I got a great settlement at a time when I really needed the money.

CMC Lawyers Client

Thank you all for working so hard to achieve the outcome for me. I am so glad it is all behind me now. I feel like a load has been lifted.

Compensation Lawyers Sydney

law-society-nsw.jpgIf you have suffered a loss of some kind and think you may have a right to compensation, CMC Lawyers can help. We specialise in all forms of personal compensation. 

When you choose CMC Lawyers, you're choosing a team with over twenty years' experience in compensation professional negligence litigation here in Australia.


We have been practicing in Australia for over twenty years, so we certainly know what works. We know how to present a strong, convincing case against insurance lawyers and our impressive track record of over 90% case wins reflect this.


Our friendly, empathetic staff are experienced in dealing with a wide variety of claims, and contribute expertise and understanding. To us, no claim or issue is too small, and we will always provide honest, down to earth advice.


We've got branches in Sydney and regional New South Wales and ACT. However, if you are immobile and unable to come to us, we can also visit you at your home at a convenient time!


Backed by our strong compensation law case success, our no-win-no-fee guarantee ensures that when you choose CMC compensation lawyers you're backed with Australia's most confident, expert and experienced law team.

Why Choose Us

CMC Lawyers are compensation lawyers with a difference.

We treat each client's case seriously, with high dignity and respect.

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Our Team

Take comfort with over 20 years of compensation experiences helping Australians fight fair for their compensation and settlements.

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Accredited Specialists

With CMC, your case is backed by a team of Accredited Specialists of Compensation Law.

This means we have passed high benchmarks of service standards set by the NSW Law Society.

Read more on our Specialist Accreditation.

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